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This website is divided into two parts. One part is for teaching english. The other part is for moms. Both parts are about creative positive living and incorporating activity and action into our lives in order to live better, stronger and healthier.

Kids activities

All kids’ activities on STELLA123 are inquiry based. What is better than discovering the world through inquiry? I design activities for my daughter that encourage her to ask questions, investigate and create. I publish them and share them with all of you. If you visit the “Kids Activities” menu, you will find a selection of tutorials that will help you create amazing projects and inquiry based exploration with your children. The “in the kitchen” menu contains suggestions for activities that you can do with your children to educate them about healthy food choices and generally be enthusiastic about the preparation of food.

Book Titles by Stella123

If you are an ESL or EFL teacher, you are probably visiting this site to get lesson planning ideas. I have self published a series of books that I use for lessons for kids ages 4 – 8. I began creating these books when I realized that the english books targeted for this age group were already to difficult for my non english speaking students to understand. But, that didn’t mean that kids aren’t kids. They need books. They need to read in educational environments. Plus, in my lessons, no matter how much I sang and danced or made art, the lessons just seemed to be missing something. So, I decided to write some books myself. You may preview the books for free, but if you choose to use them for your lessons, you will have to order PDF files to be delivered to your email. I am currently working on having the books published into one hard cover volume.

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