Fun snack for a long car ride!


This year, my daughter is finally almost 5 and we will be traveling a lot! I am so excited to share with her new and amazing memories. But, of course, I am a little nervous about the repitition of the long car rides that accompany the thrill of traveling!

Although, I did find one solution already on our recent weekend trip to the beach – making our own fruit juice in a bag!
It is easy, healthy and sensory.

fruit in the bag

How to make fruit juice in a bag for your next car ride.

Cut up some juicy fruits and put them into a bag.  I recommend that you use “juicy” fruits such as watermelon and oranges as the main fruit, but you can add other fruits to complement.   Otherwise, the pulp will remain a little thick and will be hard to drink. It may also be a good idea to a bit of water to the mix in the bag.

mixing juice

The main attraction of this activity is the smooshing of the bag in the car which of course is so fun and very unexpected!

Then, simply put in a straw and drink away!

Have a great vacation!

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