Mask Theme for Carnival and Mardi Gras

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Mask games

At carnival, I always play games that include wearing a “mask”. You need the type of mask that you use for sleeping so that it is really a blindfold. Glue 1 or 2 feathers to it and stick on some rhinestone stickers so that it is “carnival” themed. Then, choose from any of the following blindfold games to complete you carnival theme.

1. Blindfold a student. Show a number and have the class clap out that number. The blindfolded student must say how many claps s/he heard.

2. All students should be sitting in a circle. Blindfold one student. Then, have one student leave the room. The blindfolded student must guess who left the room.

3. This is a game for really young kids or for any ESL class. Bring two students to the front of the class. Blindfold one of them. Then, indicate the parts of the face on the student that is not blindfolded. The class watching must say the parts of the face as the teacher indicates them. The blindfolded student must then point to them on their own face. Sometimes it is better to use a visual instead of the second student…(depends on the class). I use a felt board where I just put on the part of the face. The class says it, and the blindfolded student points to it.

4. Pin the crown on the king. In most countries, a king is celebrated as a symbol of Carnival. So, cut out a jewel of king’s crown. Play according to the rules of “Pin the tail on the donkey”. Have students try to put the jewel into the correct place on the crown.

Costume games

1. Collect some funny hats, masks, capes, etc. Place them at a distance from the students. Have students race to put on a costume and return to the starting line. You can call out specific costumes that they have to “find”.

2. Play any board game. Create “consequences” that require students to put on costumes.

3. Play music. Pass a ball. When the music stops, the student that is holding the ball must put on a funny hat or some kind of costume. It is also super fun to draw a mustache on the student that is holding the ball. These can easily be removed with coconut oil and a baby wipe.


1. Make a traditional Carnival mask and decorate it with feathers and gems. You can use precut templates or cut a mask out from a paper plate. Give students markers, stickers and oil pastels to color the mask.

2. Carnival is a time for kids also to dress up! Make animal masks and let the kids imaginations go wild.

3. Make a craft for a “King”. Make king crowns and swords. Click on the this Pinterest link for instructions on a crown suited for the age group.

4. Confetti fingerprints – Put out different colors of paint. Have students put their fingers into different colors and cover an entire sheet of paper with their prints. Allow to dry and cut into the shape of a mask.

5. Turn confetti into a paper mache material and make bowls. Blow up a balloon and use glue and water to attach the confetti. Attach the confetti about half way up the balloon. Allow to dry. Pop the balloon and voila’ – a beautiful bowl remains.


1. Make “Carnival” confetti marshmellows. Heat up different colors of chocolate in the microwave (Mix food coloring and white chocolate chips). Let students dip the marshmellows into the different colors. You can also choose to dip them into colored sprinkles. Allow the students to participate in mixing the colors. The marshmellows can be put onto toothpicks for older kids and popsicle sticks for the younger ones.

2. Make “Carnival” pizza. Cut up red, orange, yellow and green peppers. Cut them into tiny cubes. Allow the students to sprinkle them all over the pizza to appear to be “confetti”.


1. How many Carnival Balloons will support my weight? This does require a little prep and can be a little messy but the kids LOVE it. Get a large peice of cardboard – about 1 meter by 1 meter. Fill 10 balloons up with confetti. Put a student (hold their hand) on top of the cardboard with the 10 balloons under it supporting their weight. Allow the students to pop the balloons one by one. Each time a balloon pops, the confetti comes out. See how many balloons you can pop before the student’s weight is no longer supported.

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