How do you feel today? a simple drawing activity to understand emotions


The emotions of our children are complicated. Who knows how they are really feeling??? Are they really sad when they cry? Are they really happy because they got the extra piece of chocolate? What do they remember about how they feel and how in the world can we as parents get any clarity on the subject of emotions???

I am a teacher of elementary aged children, and I see a lot of breakdowns pretty much involving mixed up emotions. So, when it was time to teach emotions in one of my classes (I teach english to Italian kids), I thought up this activity for my daughter. And, it worked. She told me things that I never ever heard from her even when I asked. And, it was easy.

Simple Flip Book – for drawing emotions

Fold one piece of paper in half long ways. Then, cut 1/4 way in to make the 4 flaps that open. Select 4 emotions and have your child draw the appropriate faces.
In this example, the emotions were, “happy, sad, angry and worried”. Then, on the inside have your child draw a situation that makes them feel the emotion or “feel that way” – either from that day or from any other day. I have also done this with classes. Kids really like it. They love having an easy way to discuss how they feel, too!
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