Teach English Activities

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Baby first moves – developing gross motor skills

One of the first activities that you can do with your babies is to teach them to develop his/her gross…

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Paper Tricks Theme

Paper is really a goto activity for me. It requires little to no prep and it is always magical to…

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Easter Cootie Catcher

My daughter and all my students love cootie catchers. So, I made this Easter themed cootie catcher to celebrate and…

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egg theme

STEM Magnetic eggs- Put magnets inside of plastic eggs. Allow kids to play with them. You may also experiment with…

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Mask Theme for Carnival and Mardi Gras

Mask games At carnival, I always play games that include wearing a “mask”. You need the type of mask that…

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Heart Theme – Valentine’s Day

FOOD 1. Jelly sandwich – Use red jelly. With a cookie cutter, cut out a heart on a piece of…

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