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Kinetic sand monsters

Keep your kids creative minds working by making a fun and easy kinetic sand monster. How to do it Gather…

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Writing center and easy art activity

This is an easy art activity that can be used as a part of a writing center activity or as…

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rainbow snack feature

R is for Rainbow – no cake rainbow cupcakes!

These are super simple fun snacks that you can make with your kids when studying the letter R, as a…


Teach English Kids
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Yes – no practice magnet activity

This is a great writing activity that incorporates science. Begin by collecting a number of objects. Test each object to…

Teach English Adults


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Conditionals and Traveling for ESL

Modal Verbs – Natural disasters – Look at these pictures of natural disasters – discuss what might happen. Use modal…

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Free phonics worksheet – Find the pictures

Find the pictures and match the sounds. This is a free phonics worksheet for practicing phonics. This is a great…